Magic Cleaners


1) When are you open? We are open 24/7.

2) What areas do Magic Cleaners cover? Currently, we cover the whole of London.

3) Are your cleaners, high quality and safe? YES, we won't introduce anyone into your home that we wouldn't be happy to invite into our own.

4) Are your staff discreet? YES.

5) Are your cleaners insured? YES.

How you vet your cleaners? We carefully select and vet our cleaners and require: Proof of identity (Passport/Full UK driving license) Proof of address (Utility bills or bank statement) Proof of experience and reliability (Minimum of 2 references from previous employers or clients) Test on common cleaning tasks. 

7) Do you provide references if require? YES.

How long will it take you to find me a cleaner? We are able to do it on the same day when you call or email us.

Can I choose the day the cleaner comes? YES.

Can I have the same cleaner every week? YES The cleaner will continue her/his job as long as you are happy with the service and as long as they work for us. 

What happens if my cleaner is ill or on holiday? Magic Cleaners will always contact you to arrange temporary cleaner should your regular cleaner let us know that she is unable to come to you for any reason.

What about if I am not at home on the day of the cleaning visit? You can leave your keys with our cleaner. Most of our clients are busy working people and the cleaners working on our behalf are key holders.

What happen if I'm not happy with my cleaner? Magic Cleaners will allocate you a new cleaner just with one telephone call.

Can your staff wash, dry and iron? YES.

Is there a minimum number of hours per cleaning visit? YES, you need to book at least 3 hours per cleaning visit.

16) Do you work Saturdays/Sundays/holidays etc? YES.

Who provides the cleaning materials and equipment? You are responsible for providing the cleaning products and equipment and any instructions with regards to operating the equipment provided by you. Sometimes, we may be able to provide cleaning products and equipment, but there will be a small charge.

Who pays the cleaner you or I? You do, our regular clients pay the cleaner by cash the rate per hour on the day of the work.

Are there any extra charges I have to pay - transport, holiday pay? NO, there are no extra charges like transport, holiday pay etc. What you use is what you pay for and that is the rate for the cleaning service you have booked.

Do you provide transport for your cleaners? NO, our cleaners use public transport or their own means of transport.

Can I cancel a booking at any time? YES.

Do I have to pay a cancellation fee? NO.

Do I have to sign a contract? NO.

Can I freeze service if I am away? YES.

Will I be charged for freezing the service? NO.

Are there any hidden costs? (i.e. agency fees?) NO.